On a beautiful winter day in February, I photographed Angelina, Shaun, Leon and Sam (and dog Sonny) in Barry with FiveByFour portraiture. It was a fabulous day, with blue skies and gorgeous clouds. We walked along the beach, setting up the images as they presented themselves to us. The sea, headlands and Barry Island itself provided us with fantastic backdrops, but it was the people who made the images what they are. The family chose the location because it means a lot to them as a family, and you can really see their love and connection in the images. They were great on the day, and really enjoyed the experience of being photographed with a large format camera.


Ange also bagged herself 20″ x 16″ art panel, which makes her favourite image look absolutely stunning.

To make a booking, or to find out about availability for your very own FiveByFour shoot in a location of your choice, contact me via:

E: info@peterbritton.com

T: 07967 300319

Or through my contact page.

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