The Spearings FiveByFour family portrait shoot was part of a wider beach shoot, so they only took away three FiveByFour shots. As you can see from the imagery below, it’s not about image count, it’s about the quality of the imagery that results from a FiveByFour shoot. We used Porthcawl’s infamous Rest Bay beach as our background, and even though the weather was against us, the imagery we took away on the day was fantastic. You can really see the connection that these fabulous people have for each other. And that’s why a FiveByFour family portrait shoot reveals the true feelings that a family has for each other. I don’t get you to pose, or put you into unnatural positions. It’s just pictures of you that look amazing when printed.


To make a booking, or to find out about availability for your very own FiveByFour shoot in a location of your choice, contact me via:


T: 07967 300319

Or through my contact page.

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