This was a treat. Set up by the grandparents so that they could give the perfect presents to their children this Christmas, we took the children of Amy and Andrew to Newton beach to photograph them on amazing FiveByFour. The weather was perfect, with no wind at all (necessary when using such a large camera!), and the kids were so well behaved and cooperative. They seemed to really love the process of being photographed in a different way and made the perfect subjects against the beautiful backdrop of Newton Beach, in Porthcawl. The resulting images are gorgeous, especially when seen printed at 20″ x 16″, as they were for Christmas day.

The shoot was lovely, and was a pleasure to photograph on large format for such a fabulous family.

To make a booking, or to find out about availability for your very own FiveByFour shoot in a location of your choice, contact me via:

E: info@peterbritton.com

T: 07967 300319

Or through my contact page.

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