FiveByFour portraiture is a new approach to modern portrait photography that draws from history to create imagery that is unique and beautiful. Using a large format camera, and 5″ x 4″ black and white film, you and your family are photographed in natural poses in a location that you have chosen.  I don’t pose you, or get you to use props; I simply ask you to stand together in a manner that shows your contentment at being together. The resulting images reflect the love that binds your family in a real and true way. I only take 6 – 8 images during our 1 hour photoshoot. Large format photography is an art in itself, and as such takes consideration to perfect. The benefit of shooting on 5″ x 4″ film is the quality of the imagery. Nothing compares or comes close. The visual aesthetic of the photograph is also different in style to modern photography. It is beautiful.

The Camera

I use a 5″ x 4″ Toyo View camera with Schneider lenses to create imagery on 5″ x 4″ black and white film.