Sense of place – Newton and Merthyr Mawr Dunes

This is a cyanotype of Newton and Merthyr Mawr dunes in visual form. The foliage comes from the dunes, whilst the salt crystals and dissolved salt represent Newton beach, which runs adjacent to the dunes system. The acrylic paint shows the diversity of the environment by representing the natural spring and well. The ridge down the middle of the cyanotype is the mountainous region that runs like a spine through the centre of the dunes.

Sense of place – Newton Beach, Porthcawl

Using seaweed, sand and salt crystals as the basis for this cyanotype this piece represents Newton beach in Porthcawl. Rock salt and salt crystals were scattered and allowed to dissolve on the piece creating the texture. The waves and acrylic paint represent the Bristol channel.

Sense of place – Machen Mountain

This piece is a visual representation of Machen Mountain, via the use of flora found around the valley. The ridge down the middle of the piece visually demonstrates both the coal tip on Machen Mountain and the mountainous region in which Machen sits, nestled in between three mountains. The rivers and tributaries in particular are symbolised through the addition of acrylic paints.